Sasuro Kijami

Sasuro Kijami

Sasuro Kijami is the Head of the Treasury of the Hidden Villiage of the Land of Whirlpool. Sasuro comes from what used to be a prominent civilian family who owned a well known bank  called Falcon Trust in the Land of the Birds. During the Third Great Shinobi War his bank went under and he and his family went destitute. He worked odd jobs to support his family until his daughter Nata became sick. When he saw Sakura heal a boy who had been hurt by a snake; he begged her to help his daughter and offered the only treasure he had left to heal his daughter. His families silver headship ring with his clan symbol that he once used to seal letters; when he was Head of Falcon Trust.

Sakura healed his daughter and offered him a second chance at life in Whirlpool. He and his wife, daughter, and uncle took the chance and helped create a economic and banking structure. Naruto made him the head of the Treasury and his brother reopened the Falcon Trust. During his poverty he grew a beard and continues to keep it grown out to remind himself of his hard times and want for a chance.

Personality and SpecsEdit

Age: 59

Hair: Once Black now Grey

Eyes: Green

Council Stance: Is very Pro anything to do with Medical treatment, Job opportunity, and wise spending.  Is  against anything that is war-like. Has a high opinion of Naruto for his very efficient way of lessening his ninja death toll and for his constant want to help those in need.

Observant Scale: While a very idealistic man; his time as a bank manager and as a poor man gives him a very shrewed eye. He is one of the first to suspect hidden agendas and even see them. He also almost has a second sense for when someone is skimming funds.

Head of TreasuryEdit

As head of treasury he decides on a budget for other departments, he decides how much money stays saved and what to spend the excess money on. He handles price and salary ratios. He also creates money and stops inflation from happening. Basically anything to do with money.