Oruchune Magura

Oruchune Magura


Oruchune Magura is an elected official from the civilians. She was a regular civilian who lived in a villiage that contained a bloodline family called the Matacho Clan. She is a single mother with three sons. Two who of which have joined the Shinobi academy. Her husband is dead. When she is not going to meetings; she works as a shopkeeper.

Personality and SpecsEdit

Age: 31

Hair: Lavender

Eyes: Green

Council Stance: She believes that the civilians should have more say in the Villiage affairs. She also thinks the confidential skill and the threat of death for treason is overly harsh.

Observance Scale: She is overly suspicious of everyone's agenda and is waiting for Naruto to turn into Yagura.

Elected OfficialEdit

Elected Officials make an okay salary to be apart of the council and most keep their day jobs. An elected offficial's term last one year and they can only be elected consecutively twice. After that they have to take off two years for every year they are elected.