Elemental Sentience is also called Affinity Life or Enko Seimei. This bloodline is of the Auruno Clan who
Katsu Auruno

Katsu Auruno

originate from Mist. Their current Clan Head is Katsu Auruno. They were being attacked by Mist nin on order of their Kage when Sasuke them and offered them asylum in the Land of the Whirlpool. All of them accepted and the twelve remaining members chose a clan district and hold one vote on the Clan Council. Nine members joined the ninja ranks while two joined the academy and one became a civilian. 


Enko Seimei is the ability for members to make their main affinity sentient. They can create creatures that can move on their own or even have basic thought. They can only do this with one element no matter how much they try with another. Their are three levels of mastery; though one member can have special abilities once every hundred years.

Level 1: Can give themselves extra apendages. A wind or fire affinity user could create wings for example.

Level 2: Can create creatures to attack or defend.

Level 3: Can litterally become a creature using their element. They can also absorb chakra from attacks that use their element.

Special Abilities: Can summon mythical creatures of their element. Water- Mermaid, Earth-Gnome, Fire-Pheonix, Wind-Dragon, and Lightening-pixie.