Momoko Uzumaki

 Chakra Abilities is also known as the Chakra Seinou. They are originally from Whirlpool, but scattered after it's original descruction. Their current Head is Naruto though he has named Momoko his proxy during meetings. There are fifteen members currently Eleven are apart of the ninja force and four joined the Academy. Naruto saved Karin and her mother and uncle during a Mist attack. Sakura found six Bird country. Sasuke found two in Grass and the last three lived on a small island near Whirlpool and  were found during their annual visit of their homeland.

Chakra SeinouEdit

Chakra is not a specific ability for the whole clan. Every member has this bloodline though some are harder to spot then others.

Members and their abilities:

Naruto- The ability of speed healing and mild regeneration though the Kyuubi amplifies that.

Karin- The ability to heal others who taste her chakra and can sense others chakras. She was found at age ten before Orichimaru.

Anise- (Karin's Mother) The ability to track any chakra she has felt.

Kuzou- (Karin's Uncle) Can sense what is wrong with another person health wise without jutsu.

Hiru- (Bird) Can instinctively sense weaknesses and openings in others. Used mainly in taijustu and deactivating other's jutsu.

Chirou- (Bird) Can sooth demons with her chakra.

Rin- (Bird) Easier to learn another affinity.

Momoko- (Bird) Chakra can create a shield like barrier. 

Yori- (Bird) Can absorb and transfer any chakra

Junichi- (Bird) Can smell others chakra and the trail they leave behind.

Emiko- (Grass) Can restore others muscles, tissue, and organs to their top shape aking others live longer and look younger. This also heals injuries.

Daichi- (Grass) Chakra can destroy anything foreign that enters the body that causes harm. It can somehow sense if it will harm or not.

Akane- (Island) Can sense changes in the weather with the flunctuations of Nature Chakra.

Isao- (Island) Can heighten intensity Killer Intent and any jutsu that uses chakra.

Kaito- (Island) Can sense others emotions due to the way their chakra acts.

Uzumaki's that are Loyal to Another Villiage or are DeadEdit

Mito Uzumaki- Could strengthen others affinities to unatural levels. She did this with the Senju brothers and indirectly created the Mokuton.

Kushina Uzumaki- Could create chakra chains.

Tsunade Senju- Perfect chakra control with big chakra reserves.

Nagato- Affinity for all elements and ability to unlock Rinnegan.